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9 Essentials to Pack for a Golfing Trip
Aug 12, 2020
With Jack Frost taking over your favourite local golf courses, it’s time to escape the winter blues and hit up the links in a sunny destination. A golfing trip is an excellent way to add a break in the long,...
John Catlin
Sep 10, 2018
I am going to take this fourth blog opportunity to write about what I bring with me to all of my golf tournaments so that you can see what I need on a weekly basis besides just my golf clubs....
Paula Reto
Aug 17, 2018
Paul Reto gives us her tips on improving our short game!
Paula Reto
Jul 20, 2018
Paula Reto
Jul 18, 2018
Summer 2018 As we look to our second half of the LPGA season we are pleased to have had a nice warm summer so far. The last few events have been beautiful and we have not had so many rain...