Connecting People to Positive Golf Experiences.

Collaborating Together

In our commitment to uplift and empower women in the realm of golf, partnering with a leading golf group in Ontario was a natural and strategic choice.

Together, we’re building a more welcoming and supportive community in golf.

Our collaboration extends beyond just apparel; it’s about significantly enhancing the visibility and performance of women in the sport.

Introduction to Golf Ontario

Golf Ontario stands as a beacon for golf enthusiasts, embodying a mission to shape lives by weaving a network of positive golf experiences.

As guardians of a rich heritage and story, Golf Ontario continues to foster a vibrant community, where every swing and putt connects people, not just to the sport, but to
a shared journey of joy, respect, and union on the green.

Our Mission Together

Advance women’s representation and empowerment in the sport.
Elevate women’s presenceand performance on the green.
Create greater opportunitiesand inclusivity for female golfers.

We’re reshaping the landscape of golf, paving the way for greater opportunities and inclusivity for female golfers.

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Discover more about one of the most thriving communities
of women golfers.