Who We Are

NVO Sport is a golf brand driven by a unique purpose to make women feel they are most confident so they can ultimately play their best game. We’re on a mission to empower women in golf through our clothesline and our service.

We provide high-quality, stylish, and functional apparel and accessories designed for you and all female golfers. Our innovative product line is tailored to showcase each golfer’s personality while enhancing performance.


Diane Lanctôt

Behind the NVO Sport Brand stands a creative team led by Diane Lanctôt.

At the young age of 27 Diane became the owner and president of Lanctôt ltd, which soon became one of Canada’s largest sport distribution companies.

As an avid golfer, Diane dreamt of creating her very own line of women’s golf apparel, clothes that could live up to her fashion sensibilities while still meeting her active needs.

In 2005, Diane brought together a team of women who shared her love of the sport and flair for fashion.

Together they launched NVO Sport.

Diane and her team created a lifestyle around fashion, performance, and quality. They strove to create an innovative fashion brand that commits to offer not only modern clothes but also comfortable and practical ones. The result is a sophisticated and stylish apparel collection that meets all female golfers’ needs


"We’ve been helping women to embrace their unlimited potential both on the course and in their lives through exceptional sports apparel that’s equal parts fun, functional, and fabulous for over 17 years."


At NVO Sport, we firmly believe that empowering women is not just about what we wear but also about feeling confident in ourselves. We want to inspire all women from all walks of life to have the confidence they need to pursue their goals and dreams with pride.

Through our stylish and well-designed sportswear, we offer a form of self-expression that allows all women to embrace an active lifestyle and feel their best selves.

As we strive to encourage more and more women to take pride in themselves, our purpose is centered around motivating them through golf, sport, and an active lifestyle. We believe that feeling good on the inside will naturally radiate on the outside. And we also now that when we feel confident on the outside with quality clothes, we radiate from the inside.

We are here to help women look great and feel even better. By providing quality, stylish, and comfortable apparel, we strive to put motivation back into the lives of all women.

Join us on our journey to empower women through golf, sport, and an active lifestyle


Fashion and modernity should not be sacrificed when it comes to performance. That’s why we emphasize making clothing with quality technical features while adding a touch of style and fun.

We have a team of passionate and talented designers in Montreal to achieve this goal. They draw inspiration from the latest trends and create innovative designs. Every piece has been carefully designed to ensure maximum performance and comfort to ensure our golf clothes meet all your needs on the golf course or for everyday wear.

At NVO Sport, we also take care of the environment. It is why we use recycled polyester bags and tissue paper.




Whether you want something to wear on the course or look stylish, we have you covered.

Make a statement with our chic and comfortable golf apparel today!