9 Essentials to Pack for a Golfing Trip

Aug 12, 2020Chantal Mc Culligh
9 Essentials to Pack for a Golfing Trip

With Jack Frost taking over your favourite local golf courses, it’s time to escape the winter blues and hit up the links in a sunny destination. A golfing trip is an excellent way to add a break in the long, dark and dreary season but if you’ve never been on a trip like this before, you’re likely wondering what to pack for a golf trip. Have no fear! Nivo and Sligo has you covered with this list of the top essentials to pack for your future golfing trip.


Your Golf Clubs

The first thing you certainly want to make sure you have packed for your next golfing trip is your golf clubs. However, if you’re a casual golfer and would prefer to leave yours at home, don’t want to go through the hassle of checking in an extra item at the airport or don’t own your own clubs, most golf facilities provide golf equipment rentals. However, not all do.

So, to avoid any discrepancies – and a last-minute shopping trip – check if this is an option available at the golf course you’ll be golfing at prior to departure.


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It’s easy to assume that all you need to pack for a golf trip is a golf shirt and golf pants but don’t be mistaken. Depending on your destination, you could run into some unexpected weather that you’re not used to experiencing at your local links.

So, prior to packing for your golfing trip, conduct some research on the weather conditions. Check out the common weather conditions for the season, along with the forecast prior, during and after your anticipated dates. This should give you a clear understanding of what should be packing in terms of golfing clothes. So, while you’ll certainly need some golfing polos and golfing pants, you might want to add in some golfing sweaters, jackets and rain gear.


Extra Spikes and Golf Balls

Every avid golfer knows that you can never have too many spikes and golf balls when on a golfing trip. It’s like Murphy’s Law that you won’t ever need to use all of them but the one time you don’t take extras is the one time you will need them. So, avoid the risk of not having any spikes or golf balls by always bringing them with you. 


Golfing Gadgets

If you’re used to golfing with some golfing gadgets, you’ll definitely want to bring them along with you on your golfing trip. So, don’t forget to pack everything from your rangefinders to GPS devices and all the electrical chargers that are required.

However, not all golf courses allow golfing gadgets and devices on their courses. So, you may want to inquire with the club first to see if these will do more than simply take up space in your suitcase.


Travel Golf Bag

Speaking of suitcases, you can make traveling easy with a travel golf bag. These awesome bags are designed to fit everything you need for a golfing trip, from your extra golf balls to your golf polos, in-flight entertainment materials, golfing shoes and more. Travel golf bags are like a suitcase and golf bag combined into one.


Golfing Shoes

Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect pair of golf shoes for you. They fit just right, are already worked in, have the grip you like and golfing without them could change the outcome of the game. So, don’t forget to pack your golf shoes for your golfing trip. Having to buy some random ones last minute can put a damper on your travel budget and golfing game. 

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Extra Golfing Shoes

It might seem silly to bring two pairs of golf shoes on your golfing trip but don’t be mistaken. You’ll certainly want to have a second pair to slip into if the first pair gets wet. Otherwise, you risk having to spend the money on some new ones that simply don’t feel right. And since you traveled all that way to play some golf, you’ll want to make sure you pack what you need to get the most out of your trip. 


Golfing Socks

You can’t golf without some golfing socks. Well, you could but it certainly wouldn’t be very comfortable. That’s also not to mention that going sockless may be prohibited at some golf courses. So, avoid this possible discrepancies and discomfort by packing enough golfing socks in your bag to last you well throughout your entire golf trip. Since they take up minimal space and add minimal weight to your suitcase, you simply can never have too many extra golfing socks packed.


UV Golf Umbrella

Going from the freezing cold to a sunny golfing destination can be a huge shock. In fact, you’ll be shocked at how sweltering hot “warm” days will feel to you, and you’ll certainly be shocked by the sunburn that follows. The golfing tan is great; the golfing sunburn? Not so much.

So, be sure to pack in all your essentials for protection against harmful UV rays. A UV golf umbrella is always an excellent golfing gadget that protects you from the sun while also giving you some shade, and of course, you can’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

However, keep in mind that you’re going to a hotter and sunnier destination and will likely need a sunscreen with a higher SPF rating than what you’re used to wearing when golfing your favourite local links.


Other than that, you’re ready to enjoy the weather and all the awesome golfing experiences that follow. Head on over to Nivo and Sligo for all your golfing attire. We have all the golfing polos, golfing jackets, golfing outfits and golfing accessories you’ll want to have on your golfing trip. So, shop today.  

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