Women in Golf

Women golf clothes
Feb 29, 2024
Gone are the days when golf was considered a male-dominated sport. Today, women are taking the fairways by storm and making their mark in the industry. Learn how you can impact the golf community, too.
On top of her game - the AIG Women's Open
Jul 27, 2023
Are you ready to be amazed? At NVO, we’re all in when it comes to supporting women’s golf.  Our mission? Helping women to embrace their unlimited potential on and off the course. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled about the AIG...
Who was the first Woman to Play Golf?
Mar 13, 2023
 The powerful women who have shaped the history and modern landscape of golf are an inspiration to many. From Issette Miller, who introduced a revolutionary handicapping system that gave everyone a fair chance, to Annika Sörenstam, President of the International...