Are you looking for comfortable, cooling golf clothing that protects you from the sun's UV rays while giving you freedom of movement? That's the challenge of the LIVCOOL collection

Choosing the right golf clothing can sometimes be challenging: you want to be comfortable, at ease in your movements, and able to give your best shot on the golf course while looking stylish and trendy. 

And when it comes to golf performance, you want to ensure you hit it right. We created the Livcool collection to help you give your best on the course while feeling comfortable all day. Find out how this collection will help you on the golf course. 


LIVCOOLl is NVO's highest-performance golf collection. It is made from lightweight, supple fabric with high breathability properties. The material quickly evaporates sweat, leaving you feeling refreshed. You can concentrate on your game with confidence. How does it work?


LIVCOOL by NVO is made from 91% nylon (a polyester), one of the most resistant, flexible, and stretchable materials, ideal for your golf games with friends. Let us tell you a little more about this multi-purpose fabric.


People appreciate nylon for its resistance to wear and abrasion. It means your golf polo shirts and sleeveless tops last longer! It's also mildew-resistant, preventing bacteria growth: your golf clothing breathes better and smells fresher. 

Nylon is waterproof and wicks moisture away more quickly, leaving you feeling fresher and preventing your clothes from getting wet all day. So, you stay dry and feel more comfortable. Yes, comfort comes first! 

But that's not all:


Nylon is a cooling fabric that lets air pass easily through your clothes. Nylon is specially treated to absorb heat and sweat, evaporating quickly, creating a high cooling effect, and lowering body temperature by up to 2 or 4 degrees. You feel cooler and more confident in your clothes. And if your clothes are fresh, it means they are odor-free. We'll explain everything in the next paragraph. 


It goes without saying that if your garment wicks away moisture quickly, less sweat will accumulate. As we saw earlier, nylon allows air to pass through and prevents bacteria build-up. But at NVO, we go even further. Our fabric is treated with special anti-microbial agents, helping to prevent the growth of odors - caused by bacteria. This property keeps the fabric smelling fresh. So, you can keep your skort and polo shirt for your golf round and follow it up with a night out with your girlfriends! Moreover, the Livcool collection protects you from the sun's harmful rays thanks to its 50+ sun protection. 


Golf means the outdoors. And we often enjoy it in warm temperatures! But you also need protection. The 50+ sun protection of Livcool fabrics blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays and considerably reduces your risk exposure. It means your skin is 98% protected from UVA and UVB rays. You can enjoy the golf course in summer and the hot weather! Livcool is the perfect collection of women's golf clothing. It's lightweight, sophisticated, and comfortable, with a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture in a superior way. It evaporates quickly and keeps your body cool while protecting you from the sun's harmful rays. Discover the Livcool collection now and treat yourself to high-performance golf wear.