Paula Reto

Apr 23, 2018Geneviève Bélanger
Paula Reto

I am excited for the 2018 LPGA season. Our season opener starts in Nassau, Bahamas on Jan 22-28. I like that Nassau has beautiful scenery and tons of enjoyable activities. It is one of my favorite events on the LPGA. The weather is amazing year round. I am also looking forward to swim with the dolphins this year because I have never experienced it. Most importantly I will enjoy the long walks on the fairways.

I have done a lot of preparation this off-season with my new coach. We came up with a good plan for me to elevate my golf game for 2018.  We have worked on everything from putting to my irons; approach shots and wedges in particular. Also I have been taking my exercise in the gym a bit more serious because it plays a major part in my health and endurance on the course. My gym trainer has particular workouts for me that coincide with my golf game.  

I am so excited to be wearing Nivo for my 2018.  I can’t wait to see what new arrivals Nivo has for me. I enjoy picking my outfits for each tournament. We as professional golfers have many exciting parts in our lives, and one is choosing our clothing each day. We get to play in front of thousands of spectators each tournament and they always comment on our great styles. I have been particularly in love with the Nivo Hats. They are perfect for my everyday golfing, while providing the protection I need from the sun. They are perfect and easy to match your outfits.

             “The Logo on my chest keeps me brighter than the rest, with comfort at it’s best, I perform more than the rest.” 




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