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Paula Reto

This is my fifth year on tour and I am delighted to say that I will be wearing Nivo again. I have been so lucky to be an ambassador for a company like Nivo. They have been very loyal to me and they care about my appearance on and off the golf course.  Since day one I have been very attracted to the amazing clothing Nivo provides and promotes. Nivo’s clothing is perfect for me in regards to the fit and style. I have really enjoyed the colors in each particular season. Going from bright colors in the summer to light colors in the fall is always exciting. One of the things I really appreciate about Nivo is the fit. I have not had any issues about my sizing. I really am lucky in that sense. I am very happy about the clothing quality; especially for someone that travels week in and week out I have to do laundry on the regular. I am so thankful that the quality of Nivo clothing is so amazing because I haven’t had any of my clothes fade. This is really helpful to me because I wear golf clothes pretty much everyday and the thought of not having to worry about Nivo’s clothes fading is really amazing. I trust in Nivo and that’s why they are the best sponsor for me.